Santangel's Review

Undiscovered Investors

Talented investors from around the globe who rarely speak publicly.

Actionable Ideas

In-depth discussion of unique stock picks and investment themes.

Premium Networking

Considerable opportunity to network with attendees, speakers, and moderators.

Intimate Setting

By invitation only to promote high quality audience participation.

The Santangel’s Investor Forum®

The Forum is a private gathering of investors and allocators founded in the spirit of Santangel’s Review but with all the advantages that only live interaction can bring.

The invitation-only conference will highlight unique investment ideas in Q&A sessions led by a group of informed moderators. The goal of the Forum is to facilitate thought-provoking discussions among a community of intelligent investors, and attendance will be limited to promote quality audience participation. The Forum has no sponsors and therefore no vendor or service provider attendees.

If you have been invited, you may register by clicking the link above. If you would like to inquire about attending the event, please email