Summer in Nantucket

“History was one of Warren Buffett’s best subjects even when he was very young (in school). He has a liking for it. But at the same time pattern recognition is one of his primary skills and perhaps his greatest skill. So in terms of data points, unlike many people who learn by seeking information on an as-needed basis, Warren is always looking for fuel for pattern recognition before he needs it.

—Alice Schroeder

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The Nantucket Case Study Retreat is a private gathering of great investors. It is built around a formal curriculum, namely a series of case studies covering successful investments, but there is also plenty of time for informal discussion and networking, group dinners, and activities on Nantucket Island. Attendees learn from other outstanding investors, develop new mental models for identifying and analyzing great investment ideas, and build what we hope are lasting friendships.

We work hard to select intriguing case studies, and even harder to select a group of attendees that is both elite and small. In our experience organizing conferences and case study sessions, these are the two key factors that more than anything ensure a successful gathering.

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