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The Collected Wisdom of Seth Klarman

We thought you might be interested in this compilation of quotes from The Baupost Group founder Seth Klarman. Culled from hundreds of pages of articles, letters, interviews and transcripts, these excerpts reveal Klarman’s take on how to find bargains…

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Buffett Charity Lunch

The Buffett charity lunch bidding has begun. Some past winners have remained anonymous, others have used it to promote themselves, and one in particular got himself a decent new job out of it. The most interesting footnote, though, is the…

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An Under-The-Radar “Outsider-type” CEO

This is a great profile by the Globe and Mail of Constellation Software’s Mark Leonard. If you haven’t heard of Constellation, it might be worth getting up to speed. The stock has returned over 1,500% since its…

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Value Links Email Distribution

If you aren’t on the weekly Value Links email distribution already, here is a sample of what you have been missing. We send an email like this almost every week and it includes links to commentary, speeches, and interviews…

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