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Delivering Alpha Conference: Video Recordings

As many of you know, the Delivering Alpha Conference was held earlier in the week at the Pierre Hotel in NYC. The organizers billed it as an “extraordinarily exclusive event” and there were plenty of boldfaced names in the investment management industry presenting. It appears the videos of all of the presentations have been posted on CNBC’s website so we’re guessing they were referring to the networking as “extraordinarily exclusive” rather than the content. That being said, we’ve watched the presentations and there are some smart ideas/thoughts shared. For those who are time constrained, start from the top of the list and work down:

The Credit Panel with Marc Lasry, Peter Briger, Bruce Richards, and Boaz Weinstein

*Thoughts on European credit crisis and what could happen if Greece defaults

Best Ideas Panel with Kyle Bass, Leon Cooperman, Phil Falcone, Dan Loeb, J. Tomlinson Hill and Anne Popkin

*Kyle Bass’s presentation at the beginning is highly recommended. Lee Cooperman is positive on the market, Phil Falcone pitched Spectrum Brands, and Dan Loeb talked about Yahoo.

* And the slide decks from some presentations

Real Estate Panel with Bill Ackman, Sam Zell, and Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital

*There seemed to be consensus among the panel that housing would come back, but it would take some more time and the government needs to do more to speed up the recovery.

Bill Ackman’s Presentation on the Hong Kong Dollar

*Buying options on the HKD as he thinks pressure is building to remove the dollar peg. His presentation is also available.

The China Panel with Jim Chanos and Daniel Arbess

*Interesting debate on the outlook for China with lots of facts and statistics to back up the arguments against and a bubble and for one

“The End of America Panel” with Meredith Whitney, Larry Fink, Pierre Lagrange, and Jim Leech

The Emerging Markets Panel with Marty Whitman, Scott Kalb, and Marko Dimitrijevic

*Scott Kalb, the CIO of the Korea Investment Corporation says his biggest advantage is his long-term time horizon

The Commodities Panel with Peter Gilbert, Jeff Scott, and Paul Touradji

Deficit Panel with Jon Corzine, Damon Silvers, Emil Henry, Thomas Steyer