Santangel's Review


Hedge Fund Giant Louis Bacon’s Bold Mission To Save The American West

Bacon doesn’t speak publicly very often and Forbes did a good job with the piece.

The 54-year-old Bacon, who is compact, blue-eyed and handsome in the manner of an Eddie Bauer catalog model, is doing something he almost never does and generally despises: sitting down with a member of the media. Right away he begins shifting uneasily in his seat, unable, it seems, to get comfortable. He parries away the first few questions, answering in short declarative bursts. “How did Annie get me into this?” he wonders aloud, referring to Ann Colley, the head of his charity, the Moore Charitable Foundation, and the person who had pushed him to do this rare interview.

After a half-hour of squirming, though, the tension suddenly disappears from his face. He becomes expansive and energetic. He shifts in his chair now only to make emphatic points. The reason for the transformation: Bacon is talking about what he calls his “righteous battle” to save Trinchera from what he saw as environmental degradation, a role that, ironically, made him shed some of his precious privacy and embrace his heretofore anonymous role as one of the nation’s leading conservationists.