Santangel's Review

Hugh Wrigley: Global Endowment Management

There is a pilgrimage that fund managers make in their search for serious institutional capital. The route runs through the world’s capitals of finance, and through marquee college towns throughout the country. The way also often leads to the Charlotte, North Carolina offices of Global Endowment Management, a pioneer of the “Outsourced Chief Investment Officer” model that brings to bear the resources and experience typically found in a leading university endowment on behalf of smaller institutions.

At the 2019 Forum, Global Endowment Management’s co-founder and Director of Investments Hugh Wrigley, a former senior officer of Duke University’s endowment, will distill his team’s combined decades of wisdom on the fundamental questions facing allocators: What to look for in a fund manager? What to avoid? And how to reconcile the realities of manager selection with the ideals underpinning a value-oriented pool of perpetual capital?