Santangel's Review

Joel Lusman: Lusman Capital

In 1989 as a 19-year-old college student, Joel Lusman received a job opening mail for a hedge fund. It was the quintessential entry level position, but the job meant that Joel was the fourth employee at the young firm, called Kingdon Capital, which went on to become extraordinarily successful with assets topping $4 billion. The mailroom experience also provided Joel with the opportunity to read through boxes of research reports at an early age, since equity research was conducted exclusively through paper mailings at the time. This formative experience and his later years as Chief Investment Officer at the Korsant family office helped him hone a unique investment style. Joel targets inefficient markets around the world, looking for special situations and deep value in both developed and emerging markets. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Joel will speak about why he prefers complex, off-the-run securities that “nobody has ever heard of” and share a recent idea.