October 19, 2023

The Santangel’s Roundtable is a private, invitation-only conference. With a combination of group presentations and one-on-one discussions, the Roundtable brings together outstanding funds with leading endowments, family offices, institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

The majority of the allocators in attendance are senior decision makers and nearly half are from hard-to-reach family offices. Allocators range from single family offices to institutional endowments with more than $10 billion in assets. They are specifically interested in emerging managers.

With eight, 30-minute roundtable sessions, a networking lunch and a cocktail reception, managers will have the opportunity to meet a number of allocators throughout the day.

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Top Tier Allocators

Over 100 allocators in attendance

Family Offices

Half of allocators are from hard to reach family offices

Senior Decision Makers

Most allocator attendees are senior decision makers

Private Conversations

Featuring both one-on-one and small group meetings

“[The Roundtable] was the best cap intro event I’ve ever done. Blows away [redacted], at least for what I do. Thanks for the invitation.”

“I’m so impressed by the caliber of people that you get.”

“It certainly delivered on expectations on the day of in terms of the quality and volume of people we met.”

What to Expect

The Roundtable was designed to provide an opportunity for emerging managers to meet like-minded  allocators in a private, intimate setting. As with all Santangel’s events, our focus is on facilitating meaningful discussion among high quality participants.

Over the course of one day, twenty to twenty-five hedge funds will deliver formal presentations and engage in roundtable discussions. Also in attendance are around 100 allocators representing more than $400 billion in assets. The conference will also feature networking breaks, including a meet-and-greet breakfast, plated luncheon, and cocktail reception.

Throughout the day, you will meet with and present to a number of long term, value-focused allocators. Nearly half of the allocators are from hard to reach family offices, with the remainder consisting of mostly endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

The day begins with breakfast, followed by 30-minute, small group meetings, usually with three to five allocators and one fund. In addition, there will be short idea presentations from three to five funds during lunch and again towards the end of the day.