Santangel's Review


Santangel’s Day?

Today is Columbus Day which is one of those pseudo-holidays much like Festivus that some people celebrate (government and schools) and others don’t (stock market). Well, here at the Santangel’s world headquarters, this is our favorite holiday because it gives us a good excuse to tell the story behind our namesake, Luis de Santangel.

Luis de Santangel was the treasurer to the royal court of Spain in 1491, when Ferdinand and Isabella refused once again to finance the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Dejected, the then-unknown sailor was on his way to petition the King of France when a rider intercepted him with a message: Santangel had convinced the Spanish monarchs to change their minds and had arranged the financing of the voyage with some of his own money.

Most tellingly, Columbus’s first letter from his voyage was addressed not to the king and queen, but to Santangel.

Santangel seems to be a forgotten man in history despite playing a surprisingly large role in the discovery of the new world. He also is a great example of believing in (and investing in) talented under-dogs (which Columbus was at that time). It is for this reason that he is the inspiration for our name.