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Santangel’s Investor Forum

After hearing “you should do a conference” more times than we can count over the last two years, the day has finally come to announce the inaugural Santangel’s Investor Forum. In true Santangel’s fashion – and unlike any other conference on the planet – our speakers have been selected to have as little name recognition as possible. The Forum, which will take place on October 25th in New York City, will highlight eight talented, yet “undiscovered” investors in an all-day conference designed to discuss specific stock picks and investment themes in depth.

In a twist on the traditional investment conference, speakers will give just a brief back-of-the-envelope overview of a stock they own, rather than a full presentation. Then, moderators will engage the speakers in conversation, pulling on threads to drive a deeper understanding of the specific investment. Each speaker will have a dedicated moderator on stage with them who has been selected for their ability to ask outstanding questions and analyze potential investments.

The Forum will be very small – around sixty attendees – and the invitation only policy ensures that audience members will be gifted investors and allocators in their own right. This is not an asset we intend to waste, and audience participation through a Q&A format will be a hallmark of the event.

To match this new endeavor, the Santangel’s website has been completely redesigned to feature detailed information about the Forum and our speaker faculty. We have also opened up the Value Links mailing list to the public. This weekly distribution, which previously had just gone out to friends and colleagues, is a curated list of links to letters, interviews, and speeches by successful investors.

For more information about the event or if you have any questions, please feel free to email