Santangel's Review

Scott Clark: Darlington Partners

Scott began his investing career at SPO Partners in San Francisco, where he learned the art of concentrated value investing while investing in both public and private companies. After moving on from the firm to earn his MBA from Stanford, he later launched Darlington Partners in 2002. In the 12 years since, Scott has distinguished himself as a patient, disciplined investor making only 32 significant investments (defined as >5% of fund capital) and a handful of smaller special situation investments. More impressive, all but four of these  investments have been profitable for the fund. Part of the reason for the fund’s exceptionally high batting average is that Darlington invests in outstanding businesses that are also out-of-favor and often complex. In addition, Scott is very long-term oriented, holding some positions for as long as ten years. Darlington, which launched with only $9 million in assets, is now a $900 million fund. At the 2014 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Scott will share a recent investment and further explain the methodology behind “high batting average” investing.