Santangel's Review


The Santangel’s Investor Forum will feature eight sessions spread throughout the day. The speakers will be interviewed by an informed moderator, but a crucial aspect of these sessions will be audience participation.

Featured Speakers

Sverre Bjerkeli

Value investors are always on the lookout for an enterprise that can combine investing prowess with successful insurance underwriting (and float) to create extraordinary wealth over the long term. The closest current claimant to the title may be Protector Forsikring, based in Norway and founded by its CEO Sverre Bjerkeli. (Read More)    

Josh Wolfe

Josh co-founded Lux Capital to support scientists and entrepreneurs who pursue counter-conventional solutions to the most vexing puzzles of our time in order to lead us into a brighter future. Josh is a Westinghouse semi-finalist and published scientist. He previously worked in investment banking at Salomon Smith Barney and in capital markets at Merrill Lynch. (Read More)  

Robert Simon

At the 2019 Forum, Robert Simon will recount his role as the intellectual partner of a consortium that took an underappreciated painting that had once sold at auction for just $60 and—through a combination of patience, tolerance for risk, painstaking expertise down to the fingernail, and the skillful management of a long-term call option—shepherded Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi to world fame, and its current status as the most expensive painting ever sold. (Read More)  

Nathaniel Storch

In 2015 Nathaniel Storch was an experienced investment analyst researching a potential investment, when his due diligence led him to a leading academic expert in “text mining”—the automated analysis of complex documents, narrative content, and unstructured data. Together the analyst and the professor saw an entrepreneurial opening: to use the recent technological breakthroughs in the field to create applications for investing and finance. (Read More)

Chris Yetter

3G Capital has become famous in the finance world, with hundreds of headlines touting, among other things, its iconic deals involving iconic brands, and the repeated application of a particular private-equity playbook. Some of this public perception has a basis in reality—3G’s well-known reputation for making big bets on young people, for instance. When the firm’s Brazilian billionaire partners decided to start a public-markets-focused internal fund called 3G Dumont in 2018, they chose 32-year-old Chris Yetter to set it up and manage it. (Read More)

David Zorub

David Zorub, who founded Parsifal Capital Management in May 2019, has traversed asset classes across the entire spectrum of risk premia, from public equity to credit to private equity to shorting to volatility—across industries, across geographies, and in multiple business settings, from entrepreneurial startup to institutional hedge fund firm. At the 2019 Santangel’s Investor Forum, David will describe how Parsifal brings together all of these lines of thought. (Read More)  

Grant Bowman

Not many 25-year-olds on Wall Street show up to work one day with a Super Bowl ring on their finger. 2019 Forum presenter Grant Bowman did just that—and it was only the beginning of his career. He later joined Blue Ridge Capital, the quintessential New York-based, long-short Tiger cub that helped to define institutional hedge fund investing for a generation. (Read More)