Santangel's Review


The Santangel’s Investor Forum will feature eight sessions spread throughout the day. The speakers will be interviewed by an informed moderator, but a crucial aspect of these sessions will be audience participation. The speakers below were from the 2018 Forum and the 2019 speaking faculty will be announced soon.

Featured Speakers

Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. Thorp is the author of the bestseller Beat the Dealer. It presented the first scientific system ever devised for a major casino gambling game and revolutionized the game of blackjack. (Read More)

Sam Hinkie

Sam Hinkie is the former General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2013 Hinkie took over as the steward of the Philadelphia 76ers and repositioned the franchise’s future in just three seasons. (Read More)

Darren Maupin

Darren Maupin's Pilgrim Global has found an edge in seeking out perceived danger, focusing on situations where entire sectors or countries are dislocated, out of favor, and where price formation is irrational. (Read More)

Alison Kay

Alison Kay of KIDS Capital invests primarily in high quality “compounders” run by great management teams. She is fundamentally driven, but combines this analysis with top-down thematic insights. (Read More)  

Charlie Jobson

Charlie Jobson of Delta Partners invests in high quality stocks trading at cheap prices. He seeks companies with stable earning streams, good return on assets and defensive business models. (Read More)

Cliff Sosin

Cliff Sosin doesn’t shy away from making controversial investments and in the current environment, where obvious bargains have already been picked over, he has continued to find these great investments by constantly seeking to understand situations that, at first glance, seem problematic. (Read More)

Ilya Zaides

Ilya Zaide’s investing style is fueled by his patience and meticulous research. At any given time, he maintains a rotating list of 100 companies and studies them intensively over a period of years. (Read More)  

Harvey Sawikin

Harvey Sawikin co-founded Firebird Management in 1993 and today it is among the preeminent emerging and frontier-market focused hedge funds in the world,  Harvey is also one of the most experienced investors in Russia. (Read More)