Adam Rodman

Timing is everything for a contrarian like Adam Rodman, the founder and portfolio manager of global opportunistic hedge fund Segra Capital Management. It takes a special mixture of skepticism, intuition, and discipline to know when to run one way while the rest of the market is heading in the opposition direction, but Adam has learned from the best. He got his start in the hedge fund world in 2008 with Corriente Advisors’ Mark Hart, who was then fresh off a big win betting against subprime mortgages and on his way to scoring yet again with wagers against European debt. At Corriente, Adam absorbed Mark’s lessons in contrarianism and applied them to underfollowed and emerging markets like China before carrying over that focus into Segra, which Adam launched in 2013 with the help of seed funding from Mark Hart.

Since then, Adam has harnessed his finely-tuned sense of timing to get Segra in ahead of such macro thematic plays as Irish REITs, which gave Adam lucrative exposure to Ireland’s commercial property market as it rebounded from the depths of the Eurozone crisis. At the 2017 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Adam will be announcing his next big contrarian trade.

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