Alison Kay

Alison Kay is co-founder of KIDS Capital Management L.P., a long-biased equity hedge fund based in Beverly Hills. A self-trained investor, Alison invests primarily in high quality “compounders” run by great management teams. She is fundamentally driven, but combines this analytical approach with top-down thematic insights.

Before co-founding KIDS Capital, Alison co-founded and ran an apparel manufacturing business. There, she was able to experience firsthand the significant operational differences between traditional retailers like department stores and their more agile, data-driven and efficient disruptive online competitors — like Amazon, for which her company manufactured both branded and private label apparel. Ultimately, recognizing the larger significance of this disruption and its implications for investing, Alison gravitated to higher quality businesses — those with pricing power and unit growth.

At the 2018 Forum, she will discuss a high quality compounder and when she uses LEAPs to enhance mispricing opportunities.

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