Chris Yetter

3G Capital has become famous in the finance world, with hundreds of headlines touting, among other things, its iconic deals involving iconic brands, and the repeated application of a particular private-equity playbook.

Some of this public perception has a basis in reality—3G’s well-known reputation for making big bets on young people, for instance. When the firm’s Brazilian billionaire partners decided to start a public-markets-focused internal fund called 3G Dumont in 2018, they chose 32-year-old Chris Yetter to set it up and manage it.

But the 3G reputation is also incomplete. Contrary to stereotype, 3G Dumont’s playbook is that it has no playbook at all, searching across geographies, industries, and asset classes for orphaned situations that other investors avoid, overlook, or don’t even know exist.

At the 2019 Forum, Chris will discuss his own unique background and 3G Dumont’s unique process for sourcing ideas, and will share how an Instagram encounter led him to one of the fund’s most successful investments to date—and as far as you can get from the 3G you think you know.

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