Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Ross Goodman is the CEO and founder of Knight Therapeutics, a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company focused on under-served and tertiary markets. Prior to Knight, Jonathan was the CEO of Paladin Labs, a specialty pharmaceutical company that he grew from $6 million in annual revenue to $270 million over 18 years. In 2014, Jonathan sold Paladin for $3 billion, a 100 fold return from the IPO listing. Jonathan launched Knight Therapeutics on the same day that he sold Paladin as he loved making a difference in the health of Canadians while making a healthy living in the process. At Knight, Jonathan intends to execute on the same strategy that made Paladin so successful: cheaply acquiring under-utilized drugs to sell in tertiary markets, especially Canada; lending money on a fully secured basis to other pharmaceutical companies; and snapping up assets from distressed rivals.

At the 2016 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Jonathan will speak about the specialty pharma industry, why he thinks the Valeant model is troubled and how he hopes to take advantage of this sector’s distress with his new vehicle.

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