Nathaniel Storch

In 2015 Nathaniel Storch was an experienced investment analyst researching a potential investment, when his due diligence led him to a leading academic expert in “text mining”—the automated analysis of complex documents, narrative content, and unstructured data. Together the analyst and the professor saw an entrepreneurial opening: to use the recent technological breakthroughs in the field to create applications for investing and finance.

Today Amenity Analytics has raised three rounds of venture-capital financing, has 60 employees spread between the US and Israel, and counts Moody’s, Nasdaq, Time Warner, and Citi among its clients. Its software platform parses regulatory filings and conference call transcripts for investible insights, and its new deception model can even detect when company executives are covering up undisclosed issues.

At the 2019 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Nate will discuss how Amenity Analytics uses artificial intelligence and big data and why their time is now, and will teach an expert course on how human analysts can detect deceptive language.

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