Shane Parrish

As an MBA student, Shane encountered the shortcomings of business school when a professor presented the solution to a case his class was reviewing. The solution fit the textbook perfectly, but it had obvious gaps that knowledge from other disciplines would have exposed. Frustrated with what he was learning, he began a quest to master what he calls “the best of what other people have already figured out.” He started the website Farnam Street in 2009 to keep track of his learning and share mental frameworks with a wider audience. The site has grown from a handful of readers to over 80,000 subscribers today. Shane believes that knowing the big ideas from multiple disciplines helps you rationally understand problems and puts you in a better position to succeed. At the 2016 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Shane will share insights he has gleaned from his years studying human misjudgment, decision-making and strategy.

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