Shayan Mozaffar

Shayan Mozaffar has an uncommon approach to investing, honed not only by his work experience, but also by his unique life story – having moved to the United States on his own from his native Pakistan at the age of 18 with only $1,000 to his name. After graduating from the Applied Value Investing Program at Columbia Business School in 2011, Shayan was the first hire at Tyrian Investments, a firm seeded by Julian Robertson. He then worked at Slate Path Capital as a consultant before launching his own fund, Solomon Global, in 2015.

Over his career, Shayan has analyzed hundreds of current and historical case studies of successful long and short investments. He calls them “movies” and studies them, frame by frame, to enhance his ability to recognize, research, and invest in high quality investment opportunities. This rigorous approach has enabled Shayan to identify sizable mistakes in market perception so as to capitalize on them in a more timely and effective manner. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Shayan will share what he has learned from the “movies” he has studied as well as explain how a pertinent “movie” has provided a roadmap for a current investment idea.

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