Tom Claugus

One of the best track records in investment management of the last two decades almost didn’t happen. Tom Claugus, a chemical engineer by training, was content in his 17 years as an executive at Rohm and Haas and hoped to be CEO one day. When he started making more money from investing than from his salary, however, he realized he could turn his passion into a real job. Tom launched GMT Capital in 1993. His fund’s results over the last 21 years have been nothing short of remarkable: The Bay Resource Partners fund has annualized over 16 percent net of fees and now manages more than $5 billion. Unlike most value investors who begin with a bottom-up process, Tom first looks for extremes in statistical valuation to identify sectors and markets that may be mispriced. This reversion-to-the-mean approach is combined with a focus on free options: stocks priced reasonably, but with significant future revenue and earnings power poorly understood by the market. At the 2014 Santangel’s Investor Forum – his first time ever presenting at a conference – Tom will speak about his unique style of investing and share an idea with attendees.

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