Santangel's Review


The Strange Story of Bill Parcells and Seth Klarman

File this under “strange, but true”: In 1996 a young sportswriter for the Boston Globe named Ron Borges was writing an article comparing the Patriot’s new coach, Pete Carroll with their former coach Bill Parcells. After writing about some obvious differences including calling Parcells a “New Jersey East Coast wise guy” and Carroll a “Marin County West Coast cool guy [with] hair blown dry, tofu in corner of his mouth,” Borges hit upon an interesting way to compare the two coaches. Before the start of the 1997 season, the NFL had sent a questionnaire to all the new coaches and one of the questions was “Last Book Read.” So Borges decided to examine the coaches answers to this question.

Carroll’s answer was “The Velveteen Rabbitt” which as Borges points out is a “children’s book about toy bunnies and good feelings.” Frankly, this was a pretty strange answer for an NFL coach and perhaps foreshadowed his Patriot’s coaching career (although to be fair he has been very successful since leaving New England).

Parcells, on the other hand, put down “Margin of Safety” by Seth Klarman.