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Videos of the UVA Investment Management Conference

If you weren’t able to attend the UVA Investment Management Conference last month, the school has posted a number of interviews with the speakers. The Kyle Bass interview has been well covered with 65,000 views, but most of the others still have under 100 views. UVA is an underrated thought leader in the value investing community and has produced quite a large number of very talented investors.

Larry Goodman – President of the Center for Financial Stability

Vincent Daniel – General Partner at Seawolf Capital (and best known for being part of Steve Eisman’s team that had an early bet against sub-prime mortgages)

Sheila Bair  РFormer Chairman of FDIC

Kurt Billick and Pierre F. Lapeyre Jr РBillick is the CIO of Bocage Capital  and Lapeyre Jr is the founder of Riverstone Holdings

Jay Venkatesan, Robert J. Hugin, and Richard Evans – Venkatesan is the Managing Partner of Ayer Capital Management, Hugin is CEO of Celgene, and Evans is the Co-Founder of Sector & Sovereign LLC

Dennis Lockhart – The CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta