Santangel's Review

Ilya Zaides: KG Funds Management

A former lawyer who never went to business school, Ilya Zaides didn’t chart the most typical course to becoming a hedge fund manager. He launched KG Investments Fund with his partner, Ike Kier, in January 2009.  It is an event-driven fund with a twist on equity long/short strategies.

The key to Ilya’s investment strategy is to extensively study a core group of companies, and then monitor those companies for “events” that the market misunderstands or fails to properly price.

Ilya’s investing style is fueled by his patience and meticulous research. At any given time, he maintains a rotating list of 100 companies and studies them intensively over a period of years. He likes to joke that he has a requisite long dating period before he can commit to a company.

At the 2018 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Ilya will talk about his latest “date”—a big name company that’s been around for decades that he sees as undervalued and with a lot more room to run.