“[We] both agree that this is easily the best cap intro even that we have been to so far. We hope to attend again next year.”

“As always, we think you do an incredible job at connecting really high-quality groups and we enjoyed our discussions thoroughly. Your event is very thoughtful and well organized. Thank you again.”

“Thanks again for all your hard work putting together the event last week – I thought the quality of the GPs was excellent and found the trip meaningful.”

“Thank you very much for hosting Santangel’s Roundtable. It was one of the best conferences I have attended.”

“Santangel’s Review has assembled a fantastic set of allocators at the Roundtable and crafted a thoughtful format that allows for a rich dialogue between managers and allocators. If there is one cap intro event to do, Santangel’s Roundtable would be it.”

“[The Roundtable] was the best cap intro event I’ve ever done. Blows away [redacted], at least for what I do. Thanks for the invitation.”

“I’m so impressed by the caliber of people that you get.”

“I found it very well organized, efficient, and interesting. The manager selection was certainly differentiated, and it was a very good use of time.”

“I wanted to thank you for your kind invitation to the conference and for putting together such a wonderful agenda. It was a great mix of presentations, small table meetings and one on ones. The managers you brought in were excellent – small, independently minded, wickedly smart, and a real pleasure to engage with.”

The Santangel’s Roundtable is an invitation-only conference aimed to introduce thirty-five to forty investors and eighty to one hundred allocators from leading family offices, endowments, and foundations. Throughout the day, participants will engage in eight private meetings and an idea presentation session, while also enjoying networking breaks, lunch, and a cocktail reception at the conclusion.

Santangel’s is committed to ensuring that attendees meet a high standard of quality. The goal is to create an intimate environment that fosters valuable and lasting connections, while also being an efficient use of one’s time. Qualified allocators are invited to review the attending managers’ materials before the event, and we hand-build each schedule using their meeting requests. This process is done to increase the chances of each meeting having the potential foundation for a long-term relationship.