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Santangel’s Roundtable

Santangel’s Roundtable
New York City

The Santangel’s Roundtable is a private, invitation-only conference. Over the course of one day, twenty to twenty-five hedge funds will deliver formal presentations and engage in roundtable discussions. Also in attendance are around 100 allocators representing more than $400 billion in assets. The conference will also feature networking breaks, including a meet-and-greet breakfast, plated luncheon, and cocktail reception.

Attendance is limited to accredited investors and is by invitation only.

If you have been invited or would like more information, please email


“Steve has assembled a fantastic set of allocators at the Santangel’s Roundtable, and crafted a thoughtful format that allows for a rich dialogue between managers and allocators. If there is one cap intro event to do, Santangel’s Roundtable would be it.”

“I’m so impressed by the caliber of people that you get.”

“The Roundtable was the best cap intro event I’ve ever done. Blows away [redacted] and [redacted], at least for what I do. Thanks for the invitation.”

“It is rare you get a chance to meet that many terrific people and smart allocators over the course of one day so wanted to thank you for that.”


“I thought you did a great job of assembling a group of off-the-run managers with compelling and differentiated strategies as well as some great allocators.”

“I was impressed by the caliber of the emerging managers, as well as the LP community that was in attendance. You definitely have garnered serious interest among the E&F community and are spoken of very well.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for putting together a very efficient & thoughtful roundtable. I spend quite a lot of time “filtering” and I find it helpful that you curated a select group of funds to come present.”

“I wanted to thank you for your kind invitation to the conference and for putting together such a wonderful agenda. It was a great mix of presentations, small table meetings and one on ones. The managers you brought in were excellent – small, independently minded, wickedly smart, and a real pleasure to engage with.”