Barbara Ann Bernard

Barbara Ann Bernard, the founder of Wincrest Capital, has a passion for investing that goes back to her days growing up in The Bahamas. It was there that a 15-year-old Barbara Ann persuaded legendary value investor Sir John Templeton, a fellow Bahamian resident, to take her on board for the first of what would become a series of summer jobs, giving her a first glimpse of the business and instilling in her a fundamentally value-oriented perspective on public markets. Later working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and asset management at Deutsche Bank, Barbara Ann acquired a robust grasp of private market valuation that she went on to leverage at Holowesko Partners for nearly a decade, helping the hedge fund grow to several billion in AUM with her focus on special situations and takeouts.

Barbara Ann has kept her focus on value since striking out two years ago to launch Wincrest, where she runs a concentrated long-short portfolio built around a foundation of in-depth research. At the 2017 Santangel’s Investor Forum, she will be sharing one of her latest investment ideas that exemplifies how she hunts for bargains beneath the headlines.

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