Madhav Bhatkuly

In 1999, at the age of 33,Madhav Bhatkuly was tapped to launch and run Arisaig Partners’ India Fund with $16 million of initial capital. Over the next six years, Arisaig’s bet on Madhav paid off handsomely as he steered the India Fund to one of the best records in India, more than doubling the BSE Sensex Index and growing the India fund to over $500 million.

In 2005, Madhav partnered with The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI) to set up an India dedicated fund. He again trounced the benchmark before deciding in 2008 to launch his own fund, New Horizon Investments. From October 2008 through July 2013 New Horizon has been the top-performing fund in India, based on publicly available information. It has returned over 130 percent net since inception (seven times the return of the BSE Sensex Index) and has beaten the next best performing fund in India by more than 4,000 basis points.

Madhav has built this tremendous track record over the last 15 years in part by finding and investing in Indian “compounding machines” while they are still small and under-recognized by the rest of the market. Many of these investments have gone up 5 to 50 times from the price of first purchases. At the 2013 Santangel’s Investor Forum Madhav will speak about his process for finding multi-baggers in India and share a recent investment that he believes is an unrecognized “compounding machine.

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